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The Scotia-Glenville Democratic Committee believes it is extremely important that our residents stay informed about critical issues that affect our town.  We will use this webpage to provide important information for our residents and to make sure that our elected officials stay accountable to the voters.
Supervisor Koetzle's 2015 Budget Calls for an
11.44% Tax Increase for Village of Scotia Residents!

Supervisor Chris Koetzle has submitted a 2015 Total Town Budget that barely comes in under the Town's tax cap at 2.87%.  What you might not know is that residents in the Village of Scotia only pay Town taxes towards the Town's General Fund - this fund includes town-wide services and those that are not already provided by the Village.  Supervisor Koetzle's General Fund budget will actually see an 11.44% increase in the tax levy, which means Village of Scotia residents will see an 11.44% increase in their Town of Glenville taxes if Supervisor Koetzle's budget is passed.  This would mean that Supervisor Koetzle has voted to increase taxes in the Village of Scotia 46% since 2009!

A number of factors play a role in this huge increase for Scotia residents.  A cost sharing agreement established in 1998 between the Village and the Town recognized that the Village of Scotia funds the two most heavily used parks (Collins Park and Freedom Park).  As such it was agreed that the costs associated with the Town Parks outside the Village would be included in the Town Outside the Village Fund (The tax levy for this fund is payed by Town of Glenville residents only - not Village residents).  
Supervisor Koetzle's 2015 budget moves this expense from the Town Outside the Village Fund to the General Fund for a total shift of $179,448.  To make matters worse, Supervisor Koetzle's 2015 budget shifts non-tax revenue from the General Fund to the Town Outside the Village Fund, resulting in an $87,175 increase in revenue to that fund.  The results is both increased costs and decreased revenue in the General Fund and the reverse for the Town Outside the Village Fund which provides a decrease in the tax levy for Town of Glenville residents in the Town Outside the Village fund.

Balancing the Town Budget on the backs of Village of Scotia residents is UNACCEPTABLE!  And let's not forget that Supervisor Koetzle gave himself a full-time job and a $63,000 raise just this year....and his 2015 budget includes another raise for himself!  Page 5 of his tentative budget shows he includes a 1% salary increase.

Village of Scotia residents must speak out against this budget.  Tell the Town Council - James Martin, John Pytlovany, Sid Ramotar, and Gina Wierzbowski - to live up to their campaign promise to control taxes.  Make sure to attend and speak up at the budget Public Hearing (we will post the date when it is announced).

Supervisor Koetzle's Total Town Tax Increase for Village of Scotia Residents

2009 = 4.2%     2010 = 5.0%     2011 = 7.9%     2012 = 2%     2013 = 2.4%     2014 = 6.4%     2015 = 11.44% (tentative)

CLICK HERE for a spreadsheet showing the exact tax levy for each fund dating back to 2008.

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